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According to Wikipedia, A website is a collection of related web pages containing images, videos or other digital assets.  Websites are an essential component of being acknowledged and taking part in contemporary society.  When one hears an organization, institution, eatery, club, school, store, etc. mentioned, one immediately goes to Google and other search engines to research.  If nothing can be found, then it is a problem and all exploration is put to a halt.  City Studio is a program that uses the city as its figurative studio, while the many classes’ literal studios are held in community centers classrooms and other facilities.  Lessons are taught, skills are learned, projects are created, and this needs to be shared. With the other City Studio participants as well as parents, teachers, and anyone else interested.  Through sharing, students can see what one another are creating through the archive feature, be impressed, get inspired and get interested in other areas of art.  Collaborations can be formed, and teachers can get ideas for new classes.  The website serves as a teaching tool and other parts of the country can set up similar models for after school art education.  Since City Studio had no presence on the world wide web, we, the MA collaborative, felt an overwhelming need to create a website for the program and its students.

The different components of the City Studio website function to get students more involved and allow them to have more of a voice and a presence within their community.  The blog is where students can write whatever they want, explain projects, ask others for help with an idea, or expand upon a thought as well as allow viewers to leave comments in response to posts.  The Archive contains student’s projects through images and videos and functions as a constant gallery.  The About section serves as a historical timeline explaining how city studio came about, the people involved, and the grants one can apply for.  The Classes section provides a description of all classes offered as well as a PDF of the class syllabus, serving as an example of what can be applied in other locations.  The Participate section allows interested students to view a PDF of the application online and submit it.  The Footer of the website takes social media sharing into account and includes, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare, allowing students to link information from the website to these other sites, further spreading the word.

www.citystudio.org is based upon ease of access, participation and allowing more people to know about and become active in city studio.  The site’s database and mailing list will grow and generate as a result of viewers landing on the web page.  We hope students will use this as a tool to highlight their projects and take the opportunity to see what others participating in programs in different locations in the Bay Area are creating, to think about future projects and the prospect of collaborating beyond the limitations of their own neighborhood.

-Marly Hammer

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